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Distance Learning / Dysgu o Bell

In the uncertain times of the Covid-19 pandemic, we would like to ‘be our best’ to support pupils in providing distance learning experiences while also prioritising physical health and well-being.

In light of the current situation, we cannot duplicate the school experience within the home environment but we have carefully considered what is practically achievable. Our aim is to support parents and pupils to the best of our ability, to stay safe, keep a positive mind-set so that when school resumes we can welcome you all back - happy, healthy and positive!

We aim to ‘be our best’ and make every effort to:

  • Keep all children safe and happy.

  • Offer access to childcare for ‘key workers’.

  • Provide appropriate support for Free School Meal pupils.

  • Ensure effective communication to support parents and pupils with their wellbeing and distance learning.

  • Ensure children who are at most risk are being supported.

  • Provide access to learning through digital or other accessible methods.


*Please note:- There will NO expectations placed on pupils or parents to complete work at home. Parents, staff and pupils will maintain an ongoing conversation to agree what sort of learning experiences are best for each child and their family in the current circumstances.


Times are tough and some days are harder than others...but we have to stay positive! We miss all our pupils and know they miss thought we’d send them a special ‘hello’ message! Please share this with them! 

In the Foundation Phase, SeeSaw will be used as the platform for delivering and receiving tasks for pupils. 


Reception - Year 2 will... 

  • Have weekly activity grids sent through Class Dojo stories with a brief outline of activities assigned on SeeSaw, resources to be used and useful website links to support learning. 

  • Use a range of formats on SeeSaw - photos, videos, draw tool, type tool. 

  • Use audio instructions - especially for younger pupils

  • Receive audio / written feedback on work they submit through SeeSaw using the 'commenting tool'. 

  • Have reading books delivered to them weekly, if requested. 

Reception will also... 

  • Have sight word cards, spellings and Big Maths - Beat That sheets provided if requested. 

Year 2 will also... 

  • Use HWB for access to J2blast / J2Spell, J2Data, J2Code (giving them more scope to complete tasks set) 

*Parents and pupils are encouraged to upload any other activities or experiences, school or not school-work related to SeeSaw or Class Dojo.* 



Ysgol Babanod Mochdre

Distance Learning in the Foundation Phase


Ysgol Cystennin

Distance Learning in KS2

In Key Stage 2, SeeSaw will be used as the platform for delivering and receiving tasks for pupils. 


Year 3 - Year 6 will... 



Ideas for Learning



All Subjects

All Subjects


BBC Bitesize Daily 

PE With Joe Wicks

The Maths Factor.jpg

Maths / Numeracy

The Maths Factor with Carol Vorderman

I see Maths.png

Maths / Numeracy

I See Maths with Gareth Metcalfe

Literacy Shed.jpg


The Literacy Shed

School Beat.jpg


School Beat Cymru

Oxford Owl.jpg

Literacy - Reading

Oxford Owl

for Reading


All Subjects


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Non screen activities.png
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