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Cymraeg Campus 
Y Criw Cymraeg


At Ysgolion Mochdre, we are actively trying to increase the use of Welsh by pupils, staff and the wider school community. Our school is working to achieve the Cymraeg Campus Language Charter and our first challenge is the Bronze award (Gwobr Efydd). To help with achieving this, we have appointed a ‘Criw Cymraeg’, made up of children from Blwyddyn 2 through to Blwyddyn 6 who will help promote and develop the use of Welsh on an everyday basis. They will help spread the news about the ‘Brawddeg yr Wythnos / Sentence of the Week’ and will encourage everyone to get involved; children, staff, parents and other visitors!

Here are our Criw Cymraeg for 2021 to 2022.
Dyma ein Criw Cymraeg ar gyfer 2021 i 2022.

More information on Cymraeg Campus / 
Mwy o wybodaeth am Gymraeg Campus 

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Mae siarad Cymraeg yn bril! Mae siarad dwy iaith yn sgil! 

Cymraeg Campus Handbook PDF 

Phrases of the Week / Brawddegau'r Wythnos

Brawddegau'r Wythnos-1.png
Brawddegau'r Wythnos-2.png

Welsh Apps / Apiau Cymraeg

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