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is a proud

KiVa school! 

We are so proud to be a KiVa school!  Since becoming a pilot school in 2019, Kiva has had such a positive impact on our wonderful school.

It’s an anti-bullying programme that has been developed in the University of Turku, Finland, and stands for ‘against bullying’.

The programme is evidence-based which means that the effectiveness of KiVa has been proven scientifically.  The goals of the Kiva  programme are to:

  • Reduce bullying

  • Prevent new cases from emerging

  • Minimise the negative effects caused by bullying


We use a school-wide definition of bullying.

Bullying is the harmful behaviour/degrading treatment which is - 

  • Deliberate

  • Repeated

  • Targeted at a relatively defenceless or a less powerful person

Our children really enjoy their KiVa lessons in which  they learn how to take responsibility, resist peer pressure and treat others with respect.

Find out more by clicking the logo or the link here:

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Our KiVa Champions

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